The main events, in particular, attract a huge number of bets. Millions of people watch races like the Kentucky Derby and the Grand National , and the vast majority of the public plays money – and that’s why they watch them.

If it were not possible to bet on horse racing, the sport would probably cease to exist. It is precisely the fact of betting that attracts the majority of fans, and what makes the races interesting: it would not be the same without a horse to cheer for. That feeling of pure joy would be missing when the chosen horse runs at full speed in the final straight to pass the finish line first.

The exciting nature of horse racing betting is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Another reason is that it is VERY EASY to start betting:

Having said that, we believe it is important to understand some basics before putting your money at risk: that’s why we created this section of our horse racing guide. It is aimed primarily at absolute beginners, but even those who have already bet on horse races can learn something new.

Let’s start with some basic information on the sport itself and then move on to the betting aspect; we also provide some useful tips that should help you get the most out of horse betting.