As a kid, I used to always wonder how certain people like the pilots and elegantly dressed attendants could live in a plane? But that is just an abstract thought of a child. You will be surprised slightly by the fact that I still wonder the same thing with a few changes. They do not necessarily live in a plane but with the constant moving from one country to another, from a hot to a cold environment and from leaving a dark zone to entering a sunrise, it can all become quite hectic. With such a need to travel, you ought to have certain essentials that you must keep at all times. Such is the case with flight attendants and here is a list of things that you would find in their hospitality uniforms sydney.


Out of all the basic things, this has to be the lifesaver for all flight attendants. Airplanes fly up to 30000 feet that may carry cold or dry air. The people witnessing the cold weather know how fast the skin decides to become dry as if the body has not taken an ounce of water the whole day. Hence, within the dry atmosphere of the airplane combined with the cold environment, you ought to have a cream to smooth out your appearance.


We all know how beautifully and confidently the attendants carry their hospitality wear. But the thing that fascinates me is how they walk around in heels with such elegance. The secret to their comfortability is not merely getting used to the pain but rather, a pair of extra shoes that are soft and feel like heaven to the tiring feet.


This may be the most obvious part of the attire the flight attendant embraces. Every other person living in this society has a phone and why wouldn’t they? It is the source of communication everyone has. But, to contact crew members and families is not the only reason why they have phones but because the flight information, boarding schedules and listing of passengers is often part of the data stored in the phone.


When packing for the hospitality wear essentials, each flight attendant tries to carry a piece of clothing that is suitable for the environment they are about to land in. They keep both warm jackets and swim suits in case they are attacked with a possible infection or flu or they just feel like dipping in the blue ocean whilst they are staying at an airport hotel and the sun is shining brightly over the heads.

Entertainment stock

It can get boring traveling in the same place for hours. Flight attendants carry books, bullet journals, iPod and basically anything that can help in their own personal leisure time.